Saturday, August 30, 2008

London 2012--Here we Come

I loved watching the Olympics this summer. With the rest of the nation, I got caught up in the swimming and enjoyed each of Michael Phelps races. I also enjoyed the gymnastics and volleyball, both beach and indoor. I got annoyed by the Chinese and all of their "iffy" wins but, all in all, I loved watching the events.

I looked online and saw a ton of olympic events that I had no idea even existed as olympic sports. (we dont have cable or any extra channels, so we only see what the basic station decides to show us.) It turns out that shooting is an olympic sport. Men can compete in 10 different events with varying guns including the rifle, pistol and shotgun.

Brett happens to be a phenomenal skeet and trap shooter. When he was 12 years old, he and his brother and dad went to some shooting camp. The owner of the camp asked if Brett could stay there and join his team. He said Brett could get tutors to finish school and compete with him on a professional level. Brett would never say it because he is a very humble fellow, but he is really good. I've decided that after he graduates in a year and a half-two years, he can take a year off and pick up his shotgun. I figure if he competes in a few national competitions he's a shoe in for the olympics. So London-2012, here we come!!!

Farewell Tonsils

On August 20 I got my tonsils removed. I've snored my whole life and have had trouble breathing at night. The troubled breathing got even worse with each pregnancy. I decided I needed to get my tonsils out before I had another baby.

I've tried to have my tonsils taken out before but have been rejected. One doctor said, "Snoring is not a valid reason to get your tonsils removed." Which is very interesting because on this last visit to the doctor a conversation I had with the nurse went something like this: nurse: "Do you snore?" me: "Yes, really bad." nurse: "Yeah, that is a common sign of big tonsils and having difficulty breathing. We probably will want to take them out." Very interesting. Anyway, my current doctor took one look in my throat and immediately offered to write up a referral to get them out. Yeah.

By the luck of the draw, I drew the first surgery of the day and had to be at the hospital by 5 am. We took Emmeline and Mabel over to our friends, the Cutts, house to have a sleepover so all we would have to do would be get up and go. Although I groaned at the time, I've decided that the early morning was the best time for the surgery. I didn't have to go all day without eating (I dont eat breakfast that early anyway--so I didnt have to miss even 1 meal.) Also, I had the whole day to start the recovery process. Which was great.

This was my first surgery. It was weird to go under and weird to come back to. Not necessarily bad. . . just very weird. After the surgery, the surgeon said that my tonsils were the largest he's ever seen for someone my age. Wonderful.

My mom flew in from Virginia that evening to help out with the girls. They had a good time. My mom took them to the park and the science center. They also played dress up and danced around. And grandma also took care of me, making me lots of jello and soup. My mom had to leave Sunday morning and that evening, by a lucky coincidence, Brett's mom arrived here. She spent the next couple of days playing with the girls. She also took them to to science center and sang lots of songs with them. It was so great that both Grandma and Nana could come and help out while I was recovering.

It has now been a while after the surgery and Brett says my snoring is a lot better. He doesnt wake up through the night anymore. I also feel like I can breath better, so I would have to say that all in all, the surgery was worth it.

Grandma Jorgensen, Mabel, and Emmeline
Dress-up and dancing with Grandma J.
Nana, Mabel, and Emmeline
Having a birthday party with Nana

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jenn and BJ Wedding

Bretts little sister Jennica married BJ Welch on August 14, 2008 in the Salt Lake City Temple. Brett and I took the girls back to Utah with us so we could attend. It was a very nice wedding. Everything was beautiful, especially the bride and groom. Emmeline loved playing with her cousins and watching Jenn & BJ come out of the temple. Now she goes around talking about how when she gets big, she is going to get married in the temple and have a princess dress. (I know girls think about their weddings as little girls, but I didn't think I would have to worry about it before Em even turned 3. Oh well. For now what matters to her is the dress and the temple. . .the boy is just an unimportant detail. We'll see how long that lasts.) Anyway, welcome to the family BJ.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Alabama Adventure

My mom, Adam, Lucy and Leland drove to my house a couple of days before we all headed down to Florida. We spent one fun afternoon at Alabama Adventure. Here are a couple of pics. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frolics in Florida--Family Reunion

This year for a family reunion, my folks and all my brothers/sisters and our kids met for a week in Florida. (As of yet people were only coming from Alabama, Utah and Virginia). We had soooo much fun. We rented out a home with a pool and a game room so we had almost as much fun just hanging out in our house as we did when we saw the sights.

One night we played mini-golf. It was hilarious to watch Emmeline hit her ball then follow it. Once it stopped, she would pick it up and go put it about an inch from the hole where she would proceed to hit it into the hole. She really got herself into a little system.

The second day we all got in our swimming gear and headed for the beach. The waves were pretty small but the water felt great and it was relaxing to just bob up and down in the weak waves. Emmeline and Mabel both loved the sand/mud. Emmeline built a sandcastle (sort-of) and dug a big mud hole. It was big enough for several of us to get our legs into. My parents went and picked up some Taco Bell for lunch, and I have to mention that a soft taco has never tasted so good.

Another day we went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I was a little worried about how hot it might get, but it turned out to be a really nice day. Slightly overcast with an occasional breeze. We had a wonderful and exhausting day. We gathered fast-passes and rode the "big-kid" rides first so we could devote the rest of the day to "little-kid rides". So right off the bat we hit Space Mountain, Thunder Railroad and Splash Mountain. We also went on Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought Emmeline might like it because of our pirate party earlier. . . but it scared her. In fact, now when she tells people about Disney World she makes sure that everyone understands that "no me like the pirate ride. it is too scary!!" But she does list all her other favorite rides which include: Buzz Lightyears Space Adventure (We rode it twice. The second time we let her control the car all by herself. She had a lot of fun spinning it. . .but Brett and I weren't able to shoot very many bugs. :)), The Teacups, Winnie the Pooh, and of course Dumbo. The little kids also had fun playing in Pooh's backyard. (That was probably Mabel's favorite part.) They also were able to take naps in the stroller. The back lays down flat like a bed and it worked out great. We had one crazy part just before we left. Emmeline and I just finished the Dumbo ride and were going back to meet the family which had stopped to enjoy some funnel cakes. We were walking back to them but the fireworks were about to start and so the workers wouldnt let us through to the meeting spot. I was going to call but --oh no, my phone was dead. Emmeline and I proceeded to walk all the way around the castle and through the crowd during the firework show. This was no easy feat. But we made it. Luckily my brother Andy was wearing a bright orange shirt and I saw him on the bridge looking for me. He led me back to the rest of the family. Ironically enough, they had come over by the Carousel, which happens to be right next to the Dumbo ride, so I walked all the way around for nothing. Memo to me. . .when going to Disney World with a bunch of people--make sure your phone is charged all the way!!! Despite the runaround, we had such a fun day!!

(Emmeline and Mabel were made honorary pirates by Capt. Jack Sparrow. )
(Sisters: Lydia, Laura, Lucy)

The day after Disney, we all went to Sea World. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were already tired from Disney or that this day boasted the typical Florida heat that I had been afraid of, but we were hot and tired the whole time we were there--and we didnt even stay all day. We stayed long enough to see the Shamu show, the Dolphin show, ride some rides and play in the Shamu Splash area. I love Sea World and still do, but I think next time, we'll go in December.

Here are a few other things about the trip that I want to remember.

We were there when the book Breaking Dawn was released. So at midnight that night, my sister-in-law Amie, my sister Lucy and I drove to the nearest Wal-Mart and picked up our copies. Throughout the rest of the trip (when we weren't out and about somewhere), we had a nice readathon. In fact, we got them the night before we went to the beach and so we had a lovely chat about how far every one was and what everyone thought would happen or wanted to happen, etc., out there in the ocean. That was really fun.

Also the food we ate. I know it may be silly to some, but I love food and we enjoyed a lot of good food while we were there. We were each responsible for dinner one night. I made a couple of chicken pot pies, my mom made yummy pork chops and Amie made bbq ribs. She also made a fruit pizza that was divine. (I had to make another one as soon as we got home lol).

And finally, the pool. We had so much fun splashing in and around the pool. We played "motor boat, motor boat" which is a game we used to play when we were little kids. Funny how now that we are all big, the game really does work in making a whirlpool.

Just Hangin Out

As always, it was a wonderful reunion and I cant wait till we get together again in two years!

On the drive home, we stopped at Brett's brothers house. Dave had to be in school, but we had a nice visit with his wife, Erin, and their kids, Elise, Carson and Brielle. For the rest if the drive home, the girls were so exhausted that they slept most of the way. lol.