Friday, February 20, 2009

Primary Pals

Emmeline has loved being in primary this year. It is so fun for me to have her in Sharing Time/Singing Time with me. I love watching her sing, learn and interact with the other children and her teachers. I am so proud of the great little girl she is becoming. Emmeline is enjoying learning the songs and I will often hear her yelling/singing the lyrics in the home throughout the week. She loves Families Can Be Together Forever and the new song they just started learning, My Eternal Family. Here are some pics of Emmeline participating in primary.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines 2009

We began our Valentines celebrations on Thursday Feb 12 with a little Valentine party for our playgroup. (As luck would have it, it was our turn to babysit this weekend.) Each of the kids brought valentines to give to each other and we made little valentine bags to put the treats in. The kids had fun decorating their bags with hearts and passing out their prepared valentines. However, I think their favorite part was eating their treats. Juliana and Hadley both gave out suckers with their valentines. Mabel was a sticky mess (actually all of the kids were. . but especially Mabel). I think they had a good time though.

On Friday our ward hosted a Valentines dinner with babysitting for the kidos. It was really nice. The activities committee had put together a video showing then and now pictures of couple from when they got married to now. That was fun to watch, especially some of the older couples in the ward. It was fun to see what they looked like when they were young. The only complaint that I had was that there was not any dancing. I did pull Brett behind the stage where we were out of sight but still close enough to the music that we could dance for a minute. I know I am a sucker like that. Brett is a very good sport to put up with me!!



On Saturday--Valentines Day, Brett asked if we could run some errands to get him some new shoes. When we got to the store he surprised me by saying that we were really shoe shopping for me. He bought me a new pair of Crock flip flops, which are my favorite. They are so comfy and last for so long. Then we took the girls to lunch at Johnny Carinos (which I had been wanting to try for some time.) We all really enjoyed our food and had a great time. In the evening, after naps were over, we took the girls to the dollar theater. We watched Madagascar 2 on the "super giant t.v.." Emmeline really liked it, Mabel mostly liked it. It was about 15 minutes too long for her. However, the popcorn did keep her entertained for a good portion of the film. It was fun to go out with Brett and the girls and celebrate the holiday. I love them all so much!!!

Swimming Lessons

This month Emmeline started her first swimming lessons. There are three other kids in her class, a little girl named Patricia, a little boy named Sam, and her best friend Juliana. As long as Juliana and Emmeline don't sit together, they do pretty good in class. (They have a tendency to get talking and playing around if they are sitting next to each other :) ) Emmeline's teacher is Miss Katie. Emmeline really enjoys her swimming lessons. Some of her favorite "games" are: throwing the toy fish and having to swim and get it, and pushing the ball into the hoolahoop. I thought that I would use the time of her swimming lessons to read but no--the lessons are too much fun to watch. Also, Mabel decided that if she can't actually go to the swimming lessons, she wants to at least watch them herself. She is so funny. She wants to join Em's swim class so badly. She likes to take a towel up to the observation deck and when the lessons are over she runs to the door to greet the swimmers. In a couple of years little Mabel--then it will be your turn!!