Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009 Picture Review

Here are some pics of our adventures in January.

The Big Top--2009

After the totally awesome time we had at the circus last year, we decided we had to go again this year. We were not disappointed. This year the theme was Magic and the magic words were Zing Zang Zoom. The ringmaster was a magician who did a lot of really neat magic tricks like sawing someone in half, having things disappear and reappear, you know, all the cool tricks that are in any really good magic show. And of course we enjoyed all the things you expect to see at the circus: tigers, acrobats, clowns and of course elephants. Emmeline loved the animals and she enjoyed the clowns jumping around. We brought our own little glow necklaces and bracelets so we could still glow but not go broke. That was fun. We did splurge on some popcorn. . . unfortunately we had just started eating when the entire bucket got spilled on the floor. I suppose it was for the best--at least the best for my hips. Overall we had a great time and can't wait until next January when the circus will come back to town!!

Brett, Emmeline and Mabel trying on costumes before the show began.

YMCA--More Then Just a Funny Song

This month we joined the Birmingham YMCA. It is awesome!! They have a nursery where Emmeline and Mabel can play while I work out and read. That was one of the big selling points. . .so I could get more reading time for my classes. The problem is that the group workouts are so much fun. . .I'm not reading as much as I need to. So far my favorite classes are BodyJam, BodyCombat (Kickboxing), and BodyPump (weights to music). I've also enjoyed some step and yoga type classes. The girls enjoy playing in the nursery with all of the neat toys and always seem excited to be there. We have also enjoyed using the pool as a family. That was the other selling point. . .the pool access. So far we have only used the indoor pool, but in the summer there is a little outdoor pool that looks really neat. Mabel and Emmeline love splashing around in the pool and jumping off the side into mom or dads arms. The YMCA has a financial aid program which made the cost doable for us. So far we have loved every minute of it and are very excited to be part of the YMCA family!! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Laura's Top 10 of 2008

10. Firefly

I realize that this show aired in 2002, but I was just introduced to it this year by my brother Andy. I love it. Each episode plays like a movie and the only sad thing about this show is that there is only 1 season worth of episodes to watch. But I love it nonetheless!!

9. Cakes and Cookies

Here is a sampling of some of the fun times I've had with cakes and cookies this year. I'm not an artist in any way and so decorating treats is my form of creative release. This activity has provided me with a lot of fun this year.

8. Squirrels. . .

We had a squirrel invasion near the beginning of the year. For full details see my blog entry: attic attack. It basically deals with a squirrel that built her nest in my roof and it ended with me buying a pellot gun. Very interesting times.

7. Traveling

My family has been able to go on several wonderful trips this year. We've traveled to Utah, Florida, Georgia and Virginia--several times each. Even though it is sad that we live so far away from all of our extended family. . .it is wonderful that we live in a time with relatively quick transportation so we can at least go and visit them all over the country.

6. Good Bye Tonsils

I had my first surgery ever this year. I got my tonsils removed. It hurt. . .but now I can breath much better. Thank goodness for jello, fruit pops, and instant mashed potatoes!!

5. Pirate Party

For Brett and my birthdays we had a pirate party--murder mystery dinner. It was so much fun. I had a great time planning, decorating, and sewing for this event. In fact the party prep was almost as much fun as the party (almost!!). I can't wait to have another murder mystery sometime!!

4. McWane Science Center

They McWane Center has been a big part of our life this year. Not only have the girls and I gone to play there many many times, but Brett started working there part time. He teaches highschool kids how to run a couple of various experiments and lab techniques. He has enjoyed teaching the kids and we have enjoyed the extra spending cash. :) Plus it's just a great place for me to take the girls and play and learn.

3. Babysitting Group

We started a babysitting group with some of our friends this year. It is wonderful. There are four families in the rotation. Each month each family has one week they babysit and the other three fridays are free for dates. Brett and I have loved going out to eat, to movies, to workout, and just being together without the girls for a couple of hours each week. And the girls love it too. They always get so excited for "babysitting" night. They love to go to their friends houses and play. What a win win situation for everybody!!

2. Girls and all that that implies: dress up, accessories, fairy photo shoot, etc.

I love having two sweet, beautiful and happy little girls. Both Emmeline and Mabel make life so full and fun. I'm sure that little boys are great. . .but right now we love doing everything girl: nail polish, tea parties, princess movies, dancing. You name it. If it oozes out femininity, then we have fun doing it. I love my daughters very much and am very thankful that they are a part of my life!!

1. Brett

When considering all the cool people that I have done things with this year and all the fun things that I have done. . .I would rather be with Brett then anyone else at all. We could be doing fun things or doing absolutely nothing at all--and I still like doing it with Brett. As has been the case for the past 5 years, the number one thing of 2008 is being with my husband Brett.