Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Ward Update

Well, I said I would post when I had more info on our new ward. It seems to be just great!! The people are very friendly. The girls and I have been invited to several playdates and activities. There is a huge primary and youth program which is great!! There are a lot of little kids for Emmeline and Mabel to play with. Also, the bishopric, RS presidency and Elders quorum presidency have all come to our house (separately) to welcome us. Needless to say, we feel very welcome. :)I am excited to continue to meet new people and have exciting new opportunities here in Flower Mound.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Ward

I have been asked by several people in my family how my new ward is here in Texas. Well if anyone else is interested let me tell you. I don't know. Today, our first sunday here, was stake conference. LOL. It was pretty sad. The girls were really looking forward to going to their new primary classes. But they will get to next week--it will be okay. Just funny and a little sad for us. So to answer your question about our ward, I'll let you know next week (I'm sure it is awesome by the way they were willing to help us move in :) ). Oh and in case you were wondering, Stake Conference was nice.. :)

Good Question Emmeline

Emmeline likes movie previews almost as much as the movie shes gonna watch. She happenes to have all the previews memorized on her favorite shows. Here is a question she asked Brett yesterday.

"Dad, when Poohs Heffalump movie comes out in 2005 can we get it??"


Life in a Park

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a park. Where you walk outside your front door and step out onto a grassy knoll interwoven with sidewalks for biking and walking. Perhaps just down the path, there would be a little playground complete with slide and toys to climb on. And if you are really lucky, this park will also include a pool just a hop, skip and a jump from the park. Well, it turns out that this is exactly how our apartment complex is. I feel like we are living in a park. All of our windows look out over this grassy courtyard, so I dont have a problem letting Emmeline and Mabel wander out by themselves. Plus there are always several other children out and about. It is very cool to live in a park. :)

This is the view of the park from my front porch.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Reason to Love Aldi

We really needed some groceries and since I havent decided which grocery store I am going to shop at yet (I have to find out which has the best sales and coupon policies. . .oh how I will miss Publix) we decided to head over to Aldi. My mom told me about Aldi at least a year or more ago, but did I listen. . .no. (That will teach me not to listen to my mamma) I finally tried out the Aldi in Brimingham a couple months ago and was blown away by their cheap produce. Not only is the produce way cheaper then other places, it is generally fresh and delicious. They often have good deals on other items too. Anyway, we thought we'd check out the local Aldi here in the Metroplex. Little did we know that we would be showing up at the open house. Apparently this Aldi is opening tomorrow and today was a special "come and see" day. As we walked through the store we got lots of free sample and as we exited we got a couple of free big reusable shopping bags. The ones that generally cost a couple bucks each. And each bag was filled with samples including; a candy bar, water bottle, fiber bar, and gummy snacks. I also got 2 $5/25 coupons which I will totally use and we each got a free hot dog and soda. Yup, just another reason to love Aldi. :)