Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

We celebrated my birthday a week early this year and did something that I have never done before but have always wanted to do. We took our family to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. It happens each weekend throughout the spring here in Dallas with Memorial day being the last day of the season. Despite the heat and humidity we had a wonderful time! Since it was my birthday we got to rent costumes and dress up. Of course the girls (and I certainly am included in "the girls") absolutely LOVED this part. (Even though if we go next year we'll bring our own costumes :) ). Mabel won over the hearts of everyone who saw her in her pink maiden outfit. What was really great was how Brett decided to participate as well. He really doesnt like dressing up (I have a hard time convincing him to dress up for halloween) and he wasnt going to originally, but then I came out in my dress and since it was my birthday. . .he went for it. What a great husband. and so handsome!! :)

A few highlights.
-The girls really loved riding an elephant. I remember when I was little I went to Wildlife Safari with my family in Oregon. I dont remember much about it except I do remember, and always have, riding an elephant. I'm glad that my girls will get to hold on to a similar fun memory.

-The Joust. This was really neat. Before it started they gathered up about 10 little kiddos to be "young riders" and the special guests of the Queen. Somehow I managed to get Emmeline and Mabel in the group. After the great war horses, knights and ladies all rode out, the queen and some other nobles entered the stadium. Then they had the "young riders" ride through the stadium. Each child was on a stick horse, but Emmeline and Mabel were sharing one. As they were "galloping" through, they kept tripping over each other and a sweet lady who was in charge of the kids picked up Mabel and galloped with her through the stadium. This, and the fact that Emmeline has short little legs (all of the other kids who participated were older 7-10 or so) left Emmeline galloping several feet behind the other riders. As she past the crowd, by herself, everyone oohed, aahed and cheered for the cute little fairy princess trotting along after the others. It was very cute and I'm sure that Emmeline just loved the attention. Then the girls got to watch the joust in a special shaded box seat with a couple of lords and ladies leading them in the cheering and explaining the joust to them. It was perfect because Brett and I were stuck in an unshaded bleacher and we were scorching to death. I was glad the girls were in a cool, fun place. Anyway, it was really neat. And despite the hot bleacher I was on, I enjoyed the joust myself.

-The parade. Everyday of the festival at 1 there is a grand parade throughout the park. On this day, they allowed all veterans to participate in the parade and wear a yellow sash. It was actually really neat to see all the veterans honored and even though we were not in a traditional patriotic setting, I felt very proud to be an American and of my heritage. It was also fun to watch the different venders come through all dressed up having a good time. One character came up and put beads around Mabels neck (which Mabel graciously shared with Emmeline). As I mentioned before, Mabel won over every heart she met that day. :)
-The atmosphere. Music, laughter, fun costumes, dancing. It was so fun to walk around and pretend to be from another time, just for a day.

Thanks Brett for the fun birthday present.